Serving the Gun, Fishing Tackle, Toy and Sports trades for more than 45 years

Over-engineered, Under-priced

Our latest edition (44th Edition) bumper packed catalogue has many new products and many ever popular favourites, this issue surely has something for everyone who is passionate about our 
wonderful sport.

Whether you’re new to the sport or an old hand, our proven top sellers have been sold now for over three generations to three generations of shooters and sportspeople alike. With a vast array of different scaled products for differently skilled hobbyists
our carefully handpicked selection should suit different budgets of all ages.

We have continued to strive to keep prices REALISTIC, LOW and BRILLIANT CUSTOMER VALUE, yet, at the same time, most importantly, drawing from over 100 years of purchasing experience from our dedicated team, obtaining exceptional quality items that sell and are used by millions!

Our family company, serving the gun, fishing tackle, toy and sports trades for 50 years, is very proud to supply over 1000 UK shops, stocking our products, thus always enabling us to bring a whole new array of fantastic market leading products to the UK for all sports persons but also this combined huge buying power enables us to keep our prices low and keep our 
wonderful sport affordable to all, and by supplying every gun shop in the UK (well nearly) you’re not too far away from an SMK or Remington sourced/produced product that will cost you far less than you think…it’s what we are all about.

“Over- engineered….under-priced” is what leading publications have written time and time again about SMK products, so what’s the message here and above?...well we are shooters at SMK, we use our products, we love our products and we love to test new products that come to market, we have even designed many of them! Every item in this catalogue has been tried and tested by somebody either new to the sport or an experienced hand. Our aim is to keep our wonderful sport fun, interesting, challenging but above all comfortably affordable.

You will find an extended range of much loved SMK air rifles from Junior to adult size, for "plinking" in the back garden, going to your local club or hunting in the field. Our air pistols cater from precision target shooting to spray and play fast fun, scopes for paper punching in back yards to pest controllers looking for the ultimate edge over quarry. Translucent BB guns for knocking down your brothers toy soldiers to re-enacting your favourite movie character...

Certainly the world is a different place today, but "great value for money" stands the test of time, however, one of SMK's biggest strengths is to recognize and cater for not just newcomers to the sport with varied budgets but for experienced enthusiasts wishing to add to their collection or choose vital accessories to keep ahead of the game.

Today with technology improving at lightning speed, we can react as fast and work closely and support our valued experienced network of retailers around the country with fast next day deliveries so whatever your fancy, whatever your level of skill, whatever your purpose and whatever your budget, we hope you enjoy our selection of brilliant value for money products, available from our proud stockists all around our beautiful country.

Any problems locating yours…don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get you connected!