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ground scanner (junior)

High sensitivity.

Easy and simple to operate.

Detection distance keeps steady

Sound alarms when turn on or turn off device.


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RRP £29.95

Ferrous/ non ferrous (amateur)

It is lightweight, compact and easy to use, making it ideal especially for beginners. With the waterproof search coil it can be used both on land and in shallow water and the ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination function saves you a lot of unnecessary digging!


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RRP £49.99

discrimator (intermediate)

3 Distinctive Alerts For Different Types Of Metal

Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Discriminator Distinguishes Iron/Steel From Silver/Gold Ground Control Tunes Out False Signals In Areas With Profuse Minerals

View Meter & Pointer With Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Indicator Lights.


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RRP £79.95

raider gold (professional)

Digital intelligent detectors has advanced central processor as the core circuit

Discriminative power, high accuracy notable features Widely used in security checks, archeology, prospecting and hunting.


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RRP £129.95