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Remington TACTLED™ Tactical Multi-Functional Flashlight

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Our TACTLED™ tactical torch emits latest led technology, an intense pure white light giving the ultimate in brightness.

Built to our high specifications, the TACTLED™ has been designed to use minimal battery power, extending its life, whilst maintaining constant pure brightness.

Our complete set enables you to fit the TACTLED™ to any rifle scope, when matched with our weaver mounts it can fit many pistols also, or be used a powerful compact torch.

Twin ring mount system fits all 26mm (1”) scope tubes

Mount system includes side weaver/picatinny rails

Remote tail pressure & tactical cap switch included

Sturdy & durable yet lightweight & compact

Burn time up to 7 hours with non-rechargeable batteries

Two lithium cr123a batteries included

Waterproof design, up to 100m range

Suitable for scopes up to 50mm objective lens

Aluminium casing and reflector

Perfect for close range pest control

Unbeaten value for money!


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RRP £49.95